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Atlas of eBIZ/TC Upstream documents (2013-1)

n.a. raw product yarn fabric accessory product/service garment
1 - Commission order
Made to Measure Garment Production Order
Raw Material Dyeing Commission Order
Spinning Commission Order
Yarn Dyeing Commission Order
Yarn Twisting Commission Order
Piece Control Order
Textile Darn Order
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order
Textile Printing Commission Order
Warping commission order
Weaving Commission Order
Knitting-Clothing Commission Order
2 - Commission Order Change
Raw material dyeing Order Change
Spinning Order Change
Yarn dyeing Order Change
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order Change
Textile Printing Order Change
3 - Commission Order Response
Raw material Dyeing Order Response
Spinning Order Response
Yarn dyeing Order Response
4 - Commission Order Status Report
Raw Material Order Status
Textile Darning Return
Knitting-Clothing Order Status
5 - Despatch advice
Raw Material Despatch Advice
Yarn Despatch Advice
Garment Kit Despatch Advice
Textile Despatch Advice
Garment accessory Despatch Advice
Garment Despatch Advice
6 - Despatch request
Yarn Despatch Request
Garment Kit Despatch Request
Textile Despatch Request
Garment Accessory Despatch Request
Garment Despatch Request
7 - Information Request
General Purpose Request
8 - Inventory
Raw Material in Work Inventory Report
Yarn in Work Inventory Report
Textile in Work Inventory Report
Garment in Work Inventory Report
9 - Invoice
Textile Invoice
10 - Offer
Raw Material Dyeing Offer
Spinning Offer
Twisting Offer
Yarn Dyeing Offer
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Offer
Warping Offer
Weaving Offer
11 - Offer Request
Raw material Dyeing Request
Spinning Request
Twisting Request
Yarn Dyeing Request
Yarn Offer Request
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Request
Warping Request
Weaving Request
12 - Order
Yarn Purchase Order
Textile Purchase Order
Garment Accessory Purchase Order
13 - Order Change
Yarn Purchase Order Change
Textile Order Change
Garment Accessory Purchase Order Change
14 - Order Response
Taylormade Garment Production Order Response
Yarn Purchase Order Response
Textile Order Response
Garment Accessory Purchase Order Response
15 - Order Status Report
Yarn Order Status Report
Textile Order status report
16 - Price list / catalogue
Garment Catalogue
Yarn Offer (Offer-Catalog-Tech.Sheet)
Textile Catalogue
17 - Quality Report
Yarn Quality Report
Textile Quality Report
18 - Receipt advice
Receiving Advice
19 - Request forecast planning
Textile Collection Forecast
20 - Stock offer
Garment Stock Offer
21 - Stock offer change
Garment Stock Offer Change
22 - Stock Offer Status
Garment Stock Offer Status
23 - Technical Sheet
Fabric Technical Sheet