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Milano, textile clothing supply chains for growth and innovation in Europe, digitisation and creativity in Regiotex
25/06/2018   Sala Falck - Assolombarda Confindustria Milano Monza Brianza, via chiaravalle 8, Milano  Time 9.00
The seminar, organized by Confindustria Lombardia, Sistema Moda Italia in collaboration with Confindustria Emilia Romagna and Confindustria Piemonte, aims to illustrate the main opportunities of European regional policies for the development of the textile supply chain, with institutional interventions and testimonies of company planning.
In particular, the workshop will be an opportunity for a broad study dedicated to Regiotex, the European network of manufacturing regions with a strong textile vocation, and a comparison on innovative business projects on Digitization, Creativity and Design.

The Emilia-Romagna Region participates as lead region for Regiotex of the theme "Industry 4.0 and new business models", the Lombardy Region is instead lead region for the theme "Creativity and Design in the fashion industry".
The thematic tables will include experiences and case histories and the first results of the focus groups with local companies and the analysis of the places and skills for innovation in the fashion sector at the regional level.

The thematic tables will be moderated by Piero De Sabbata (ENEA), Barbara Busi (Aster) and Mauro Sampellegrini (Confindustria Bergamo).


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A presentation of eBIZ benefits for the fashion supply chains explained by entrepreneurs and technician of the firms already adopting it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Loro Piana, Albini and others.

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