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New VIDEO: eBIZ, benefits for the fashion supply chain told by the firms
New version in English Language of the eBIZ video: a presentation of eBIZ benefits, European initiative for a common ebusiness language of the fashion supply chain, told by technicians and entrepreneurs of the firms that already use it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Botto Giuseppe, Loro Piana, Albini and others. (Presently Italian, French and English Language versions are available)

eBIZ page for movies and download: eBIZ download
Information about ENEA CROSS-TEC (web site)

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Information about eBIZ (web site)

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video (10 min.)
eBIZ in a nutshell

A presentation of eBIZ benefits for the fashion supply chains explained by entrepreneurs and technician of the firms already adopting it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Loro Piana, Albini and others.

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