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eBIZ video and reports about success cases out now
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eBIZ video and reports about success cases is now available.

eBIZ video and Success Cases Reports are now available on

In the video you can find interviews to

- Andreas e Christian Buedel (Peter Buedel GmbH, accessories for fashion producer Company Website)

- Romain Vendier e Jean-Francois Birac (Blanc des Vosges, top quality home linen collections producer Company Website)

- Francis Jakob (Schaeffer Productique, ECOLTEX e partner eBIZ 4.0 platform manager Company Website)


- Peter Buedel GmbH - Germany

- Blanc des Vosges - France

- Schaeffer Productique - France

- Crocs - Spain

- Cuplé - Spain

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A presentation of eBIZ benefits for the fashion supply chains explained by entrepreneurs and technician of the firms already adopting it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Loro Piana, Albini and others.

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