Reference Collaborative Processes in eBIZ/TC Upstream (2018-1)

Introduction to the Reference collaborative processes (ebBP)

The representation of the inter-company collaborative processes is a result of eBIZ/TC Upstream.
In fact, sharing a common representation of the collaborative process (a scenario) and of its activities and messages to be exchanged, simplifies the setup of the collaboration and reduces misalignments and misunderstanding.
Its representation can be codified with an XML document (a ebBP, according with the ebXML terminology)

The reference collaboration processes are described (as images and as Business Process Specification Schemas) for some common typologies of the textile Clothing supply chain; starting from these representations the firms and their technology suppliers will be able to decide to implement them completely or partially, or to create new variants more taylord to their needs.

release 5/11/2018

Process 1 - Subcontracted fabric manufacturing
Process Subcontracted fabric manufacturing
Description Fabric production process commissioned to subcontractors; the process starts from raw material and produces finished fabrics. The Fabric Producer function commissions to specialised Subcontractors some value-added operations of the manufacturing cycle because of specific know-how or scale economies. In this process 3 events are foundamental: the issue of the commission order, the swap of the material, the reporting of the order progress.
Process activities
Process activities
Activity transactions Diagrams
1 - Subcontracted warping
Activity by which a Contractor commissions a ground warp to a Subcontractor
  +      Diagramm A_Subcontractedwarping
2 - Subcontracted weaving
Activity by which a Contractor commissions the weaving of grey fabric to a Subcontractor
  +      Diagramm A_Subcontractedweaving
3 - Subcontracted fabric dyeing-finishing
(New or updated)
Activity by which a Contractor commissions the dyeing-finishing of grey fabric to a Subcontractor
  +      Diagramm A_Subcontractedfabricdyeing-finishing
4 - Subcontracted fabric printing
(New or updated)
Activity by which a Contractor commissions the printing of fabric to a Subcontractor
  +      Diagramm A_Subcontractedfabricprinting
Functions/Actors involved
  • Dyeing/Finishing Subcontractor
    Sub-contracting company (or company function) that hires job to the Fabric Producer or the Apparel Producer for dying/finishing operations (it is a kind of Subcontractor for both).
  • Fabric Producer
    Company or company function that organises manufacturing and material supplying in order to obtain a finished fabric used for the production of garments or home textile. The actual manufacturing may be done by own factories or by sub-contractors. Its productive process has in input yarns and in output fabrics. It is the Supplier of the Apparel Producer and the customer of the Yarn Producer.
  • Fabric Subcontractor
    Sub-contracting company (or company function) of the Fabric supplier; he perform some phasis of the fabric production process on behalf of the Fabric Supplier.
  • Printshop Subcontractor
    Company or company function that prints the fabrics. It is a subcontractor of Fabric Supplier.