Activity 1 - Invoicing of fabrics
Activity Invoicing of fabrics
Description Activity that brings to completion the trading between the Fabric Producer and the Apparel Producer, enabling the Fabric Producer to debit the product supplied and any additional service performed.
Preconditions The Fabric Producer has satisfied the Apparel Producerís order under any quantitative/qualitative condition.
Activity transactions

release 5/11/2018

Action description
Sender, Receiver
1 - Textile Invoice
The message can be used by the Fabric Producer to debit its Client for any kind of supply or service. This document can be used to debit standard fabric supply using the option "texItem", and additional goods or services (stocks, batch rests, ..) using the option "prodServItem", even in the same invoice.
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-Fabric Producer
-Apparel Producer

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Postconditions The commercial transaction is concluded
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