DDTA Project

The project focuses on activities of standardisation and standard adoption.
Through the co-operation with ENEA it has been possible to identify and rationalize the existing standards (TexWeave, Moda-ML for the data modelling; ebXML for collaboration setting up)through benchmarks and collection of most successful national/international initiatives to be tested through the District Service Centers (Centri Servizi Distrettuali – CSD).

The achievements from this first activity made it possible to reach a clear and up-to-date idea of the state of the art and on the development trends relative to interoperability standards, IT solutions and initiatives in progress, bring the regions to adopt already existing and shared standards, maintain relations with other organizations for the definition of a national/international standard, promote the extension and improvement of the sector coding.

A pillar of DDTA is the methodological and technical support provided to the regional government implementing the policy at district level. This includes also the communication activities aimed at involving relevant stakeholders, raising awareness and delivering relevant information. At regional level both Regions Campania and Puglia envisaged communication activities in their policies. Campania has financed specially appointed funds for communication and training activities, while Puglia has defined a plan of events and dissemination activities.

Objectives: In response to the challenges described above, the policy stated the following objectives:

  • to facilitate SMEs’ access to systems of digital integration
  • to create a network among districts of Southern Italy to support the diffusion of management and technological best practices in the usage of ICT
  • to implement already existing service centres in the district areas or to create new structures to supply companies with supporting services in the areas of process and product innovation, market intelligence, ICT usage.

Results of Moda-ML collaboration with DDTA project by clicking here.


DOC - Sectoral policies for eBusiness for SMEs (DO604-187, 1,8MB) DO604-187
Sectoral e-Business Policies in Support of SMEs (2007), Innovative approaches, good practices and lessons to be learned (pdf, 1891932 bytes, v1, 25/1/2008)
DOC - The project DDTA (DI604-009, 112KB, slides, Italian) DI604-009
Presentazione pubblica del progetto DDTA (pdf, 114404 bytes, v1, 28/9/2006)
DOC - Project overview DDTA (DI604-025, 32KB) DI604-025
Short presentation of DDTA project from eBSN web site. (msword, 32768 bytes, v1, 4/2/2008)
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