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1. Legenda of Document codes adopted in the document repository of the project:



XX: document type,

  • CW is for CourseWare, material for didactical purpose (slides or e-learning material)
  • DI is for Dissemination, material produced, or received, in the framework of the dissemination activities
  • DO is for Documentation from third party, technical and scientifical materials made by actors that are neither partner nor subcontractor of the project
  • DS is for Data Sets, Data Set and benchmarks (including literature)
  • MG is Management, materials related to the management of the project
  • MM is multimedial (images or other)
  • NN is informal notes exchanged between the operators
  • OF is Official report, final and official deliverable of the project
  • WP is material produced in the framework of the technical activities of the Workpackage (excepted software)
  • US is User documentation (manual of use of sw developed by the uploader
  • SW is software produced (or acquired) in the framework of the Workpackage activities
  • TP is document template
  • QS Documentazione di Sistema (Manuale, Piani e Programmi, Organigrammi)
  • QP Procedure (documenti che illustrano un aspetto gestionale Chi-Fa-Cosa-Come)
  • QI Istruzioni Operative. Differiscono dalle Procedure, riguardano operazioni tecniche e per il livello di dettaglio.
  • QV Verbali di riunioni (Sono registrazioni di sistema e riguardano tutte le riunioni verbalizzate)
  • QR Rapporti (Sono registrazioni di sistema, es. rapporti di audit; contengono gli esiti o azioni future deliberate)
  • QE Documenti Esterni ufficiali (es. documenti provenienti o inviati ad esterno; es. Criteri e procedure per l’AI)
  • QM Modulistica. Format da compilare o pro-memoria a supporto della compilazione di documenti di sistema

N : type of project

MM : number of activity (not necessary related with workpackages, many could be related to a project)

KKK : progressive number of the document referred to XXNMM

Y : progressive number Y of the current release of the document

Example: WP334-008-V1-MODAML_DICTIONARY.doc is a technical document of the project type 3, task 34, version1, with the title ‘ModaML Dictionary’


2. Documentation:
User manual (Italian): Repository documentation book


Slides: Short course (US701-003)




- Any minute of meeting should be "MG"


- any technical document should be WP (unless it is really an internal note, not well formed or a deliverable)


- any official project deliverable should be "OF"

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