eBIZ 2018 - An overview

A new Textile Clothing Upstream version was delivered for 2018.

Please note that some elements (samples and XSLT) are still referred to the 2013-1 version, they will be updated soon: meanwhile for TC Upstream use this link technical specifications.

Textile Clothing Upstream (v. 2018-1, current official version)

Footwear Upstream (v. 2013-1)

Textile/Clothing and Footwear Downstream (v. 2013-1)


WEB - eBIZ 4.0, Reference architecture: vision and features, the direction of next steps
eBIZ 4.0, Slideshare "Short presentation of the eBIZ reference architecture: vision and features, the direction of next steps"
Presented in Frankfurt at eBIZ FAshion Forum, organised by GCS, ENEA and Euratex, 19th September 2018
WEB - eBIZ reference Architecture 2.0 https://ebiz-tcf.eu/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/eBIZ_CWA_Reference_Architecture.pdf
Reference Architecture 2.0 for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors, CEN Workshop Agreement (CWA) CWA 16667, July 2013
Past reference: ftp://ftp.cen.eu/CEN/Sectors/List/ICT/Workshops/eBIZ_CWA.pdf