MODA-ML 2002-2

Second official release XML documents and software

(Released December 2002, web page updated June 2003)


This is the second official release of the XML documents of MODA-ML, named MODA-ML 2002-2.

These documents and software can be freely used, they cannot be sold but you can embed them in your products and commercial solution (you must only inform that they are present and developed by the MODA-ML project).

WARNING, it is strongly suggested to use the FINAL version 2003-1, released on July 2003.

This version will be maintained for compatibility purposes.

Please, download the software and the User Guides, try the XML Schemas and Samples.
Send your comment to the STAFF of MODA-ML (click HERE)


This version is also published with the aim to collect further comments.
More specifically, about the new documents (Textile catalogue, Fabric Technical sheet, textile advance notice, Invoice, Darning) you can send comments and update proposals until March 10th 2003, they will be managed and eventually accepted within the final version 2003-1 (we reasonably foresee very few changes).

Examples of XML documents

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