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Introduction to the current version of eBIZ/TC Upstream (2011-1)

Version management in eBIZ/TC Upstream

The official versions of eBIZ/TC Upstream (named with the year and a number, ex. '2004-1') after the release are public and cannot modified; they are available on-line and can be used also after the release of the further versions.
A version is made of:

  • collaboration processes analisys (reference samples)
  • different templates for the different kind of messages, XML documents, (XML Schemas, used to validate the documents) and the related User guides.
  • a dictionary of terms and of their coding
  • optionally stylesheets (XSL) to show the message content and samples

The current official version (click here) should be always used as the reference.

The Draft version (click here) , differently, is a working version, accessible to the workgroup and to the focus group members (in the final phases also registered users can access them) and is under published for comments. It can be modified many times before the release of an official version.
Comments are welcome on all the versions (the last official and the draft ones): the comments must be addressed to the staff (click HERE).

These documents and software can be freely downloaded and used, they cannot be sold but you can embed them in your products and commercial solution (you must only inform that they are present and developed by the eBIZ initiative).

XML documents and software of draft version can be freely downloaded and used;
WARNING, before to embed them into products and commercial packages be aware that they could exist only temporarily and not being included in the next official version.

Moda-ML, 2011-1 version
Version 2011-1 version
Release date 18/11/2011
Presentation THIS VERSION is the 2011-1

The main modifications are:

  • The capability of managing booking and unlocking for an order
  • The capability of representing a project code in a Textile Order
  • The capability of specifying, in the fabric product code, the selvedge code top
  • The managing of fax and phone data within the person type
  • The strengthening of the note field, to make it computer processable

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