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release 5/11/2018

Document Fashion Commission Order
Document Fashion Commission Order
Description Fashion goods commission order
Release date 05/11/2018
This guide is intended to illustrate the standard XML form of the "FASHION COMMISSION ORDER" document type to companies in the fashion sector, providing instructions for their use in the electronic commerce context between fashion subcontractors and their customers as illustrated in the enclosed diagram
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in paragraph 3.
The FASHION Commission Order is used by the commissioner Company to commit to a Sub-contractor

Each commission order can include one or more operations of the manufacturing cycle, each one correspondind to a line item

The document can be used either to order the manufacturing of finished goods or of component parts of them.

When the Commissioner orders a sequence of operations to different Sub-contractors, he can use this document also to dispose the delivering of semifinished goods from one Sub-contractor to the next.
This document specifies only the technology (when necessary) and the characteristics of the final product and of the initial goods (components) to be used in the manufacturing; it can also give directives that involve also nth-tier sub-subcontractors in order to be compliant with requirements like CITES or Country of Origin

The output product specified in each line item can be the inputcomponent in a following line item also in the same Commission order.
Credits This XML document & egrave; updated by Arianna Brutti with the support of Piero De Sabbata (ENEA) in collaboration with Francesco Melani and Simone Gabellini (Kykos), Virginia Fani (Università scope of the eBIZ 4.0 project.
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