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release 5/11/2018

Document Garment in Work Inventory Report
Document Garment in Work Inventory Report
Description Inventory report of knitwear or clothing in work
Release date 05/11/2018
The present guide has been issued to assist the companies of the Textile-Clothing sector in the implementation of the standard XML document type GARMENT IN WORK INVENTORY REPORT”, providing all the instruction required for its use in the context of e-commerce in the Textile industry, as shown in the enclosed diagrams.
All the rules required for the construction and validation of the document are embedded into the specific XML-Schema, which is detailed in section "Implementation guide".
Generalities The present document can be used by a Knitwear or Clothing Subcontractor to inform his Client (Commission issuer), periodically or on demand, about the quantity of pre-works or in-work Textile items (Client's property) stocked at the Subcontractor's premises.
This inventory may refer to all the goods of one Commission issuer or just to those related to one Commission order; item quantities may be subdivided by type of stock and physical location.
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Document Code G044
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