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release 5/11/2018

Document Twisting Request
Document Twisting Request
Description Request to Subcontractor for Twisting
Release date 05/11/2018
The present guide has been issued to assist the companies of the Textile-Clothing sector in the implementation of the standard XML document "TWISTING REQUEST”, providing all the instruction required for its use in the context of e-commerce between Subcontractors and their Customers shown in the enclosed diagram
All the rules required for the construction and validation of the document are embedded into the specific XML-Schema, which is detailed in section "Implementation guide".
The Request is used by a Yarn Producer to request from a Subcontractor an Offer for the twisting of a yarn.
The Request is structured in four levels:
Macro-type of Work Requested = document root (7 types of Request)
Product Family = document qualifier (type of product with reference to the manufacturing process; e.g.: combed yarn, jacquard weaved fabric, ..)
Product Specifications = "xxxSpecs" (technical characteristics and properties of the product)
Operations requested 0 "XXXMnfrOperation" (details of the works requested)
Quantities, unit measures and prices must be referred to the third level (Line Item)
Back compatibility Updated
Document Code G049
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