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release 5/11/2018

Document Textile Quality Report
Document Textile Quality Report
Description Quality report of the fabric piece (contains defects or non-conformances of the pieces, eventually the related bonuses)
Release date 05/11/2018
The present guide has been issued to assist the companies of the Textile-Clothing sector in the implementation of the standard XML document type “Textile QUALITY REPORT”, providing all the instructions required for its use in any context of e-commerce between Apparel Producers and Fabric Producers.
All the rules required for the construction and validation of the document are embedded into the specific XML-Schema, which is detailed in section "Implementation guide".
The message is issued either by the Fabric Producer and/or by the Fabric Quality Controller as "quality certificate" of the fabric piece, mainly to anticipate the details on the existence, position and classification of faults in order to accelerate and improve the following apparel manufacturing.
Each document refers either to one piece of fabric, identified by its id. number (TQ type ="S"ingle) or to several pieces belonging to the same shipment (TQ type="M"ultiple) and likewise identified.

The following classes of data can be reported in the document:
- physical dimensions and overall allowance
- fabric faults and their positions
- test value of conformance to specifications and taylorability
- the reporting of the inspection.
Credits The first version of this XML document was made in the framework of MODA-ML project by Guido Cucchiara, PROGEMA - Gruppo SOI, supported by Thomas Imolesi and Arianna Brutti, XML-Lab (initiative of ENEA and Forum per la Tecnologia dell'Informazione). Other participants: Alessandro Barberis Canonico (Lanificio Vitale Barberis Canonico), Albino Botto Poala (Lanificio Successori Reda), Gustavo Cametti (Lanificio Piacenza), Massimo Perona (Domina srl), Piero De Sabbata e Piergiorgio Censoni (ENEA) Gianfranco Irico (Lanificio Loro Piana), Luca Mainetti (Politecnico di Milano, Hypermedia Open center), Federico Tamburini e Ivano Begnozzi (Fratelli Corneliani). Subsequent developments in this document have been financed by the TQR consortium, partly self-financed by the partners and the eBIZ 4.0 project More information can be acquired in http://www.ebiz.enea.it.
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