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release 5/11/2018

Document Spinning Order Response
Document Spinning Order Response
Description Response to the Spinning Commission Order
Release date 05/11/2018
The present guide has been issued to assist the companies of the Textile-Clothing sector in the implementation of the standard XML document type “SPINNIG ORDER RESPONSE”, providing all the instruction required for its use in the context of e-commerce between Dyeing Subcontractors and their Customers shown in the enclosed diagram
All the rules required for the construction and validation of the document are embedded into the specific XML-Schema, which is detailed in section "Implementation guide".
The message is issued by the Subcontractor in response to a raw material spinning commission order.
The Subcontractor should return an Order Response for any Order received, where, for each item, he notifies the acceptance as it is (C), the variation (V) or the cancellation (A).
Basic function of the message is to notify acceptance or to request modifications or cancellations concerning:
1) suppliable quantities
2) dates and places of delivery
3) prices
The Order Response can show a number of lines different from the related Commission Order, when variations/cancellations have occurred so as to create the splitting of an Order Line.
However the sum of the quantities of the lines in the Order Change (confirmed + varied + cancelled) must always not less than the sum of the quantities in the original Order.
When the quantity is change the original line must be splitted and the confimed amount and canceled amount should be explicited through the 'act' flag.
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