Reference Collaborative Processes in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 29/Nov/2023

Process 1 - Subcontracted knitwear production
Process Subcontracted knitwear production
Description Subcontracted production of the knitwear; the input of the process is yarn and accessories ; the phasis of the process include knitting, cutting, assembling and finishing (washing, ironing, labelling, ..etc…).
Process activities
Process activities
Activity transactions Diagrams
1 - Knitting and assembling
Activity concering the production process for the knitwear; the main steps of the process are knitting, cutting, assembling.
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2 - Knitwear finishing
Activity concerning the final processing of knitwear (washing, shrinking, ironing, labelling, ..)
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Functions/Actors involved
  • Knitwear Producer
    Company or company function that produce Knitwear; its industrial process has in input yarns and in output final goods, Knitwear. His supplier is Yarn Supplier.
  • Knitwear Subcontractor
    Sub-contracting company or company function that hires job for Knitwear producer; he may receive yarns or unfinished Knitwear and produces Knitwear (finished or less).