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release 28/giu/2024

Document Traceability Receiving Advice
Document Traceability Receiving Advice
Description Traceability Receiving Advise of the goods received upon upon any business transaction
Release date 28/05/2022
This guide aims to illustrate to fashion companies the standard XML format of the document type "TRACEABILITY RECEIVING ADVISE", providing instructions for its use in the context of a TRACEABILITY SYSTEM involving Fashion Manufacturers, their customers, third parties and in case customs authorities, eBusiness and eCommerce platforms.
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in the paragraph "Implementation Guide".
The Traceability Receiving Advice is a notice that may be addressed to both the sender of the goods as well as the traceability systems; can be used by the Receiver of the goods (purchased or received on account; including in the case of import) both to confirm the regular receipt of the goods against despatching by partners already within the traceability system as well as to communicate the entry into the traceability system, for example following import; it can also be used to notify discrepancies between what was declared by the sender and what was received and accepted.
In the first and third cases, this document must be used in association with the Traceability Despatching advice document (linked via mandatory cross-references); in the second case (import / entry into the system) the document stands alone.
It is recommended to issue an Receipt Notice for each Shipment Notice.
Credits This document was produced by Piero De Sabbata, Arianna Brutti e Gessica Ciaccio for ENEA X-LAB with the contribution of the partners of the TRICK project.
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Document Code TRC002
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Specific for TRICK Activity transactions: P1.A2 Incoming material/Traceability Receiving Advice

Traceability Receiving Advice in activity P1.A2 for the TRICK Pilot (Trick context specific)

In TRICK Pilots this transaction has the aim to inform the platform that raw materials have been received and activate the tracing activity by registering their lots.

In this initial activity also custom documentation related to extra UE imported raw material will be uploaded by the importer

Resources specific for TRICK [Guide - Specific for TRICK]
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