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release 28/giu/2024

Document Traceability Despatching Advice
Document Traceability Despatching Advice
Description Traceability Despatching Advise of the goods sent upon any business transaction
Release date 28/05/2022
This guide aims to illustrate to fashion companies the standard XML format of the document type "TRACEABILITY DESPATCHING ADVISE", providing instructions for its use in the context of a TRACEABILITY SYSTEM involving Fashion Manufacturers, their customers, third parties and in case customs authorities, eBusiness and eCommerce platforms.
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in the paragraph "Implementation Guide".
The message is issued to record in the traceability system and anticipate to the destinationparty the information of the shipment of the product (it does not indicate the 'ready to send' condition, for this purpose use a normal despatch Advise); it may contain information such as transaction certificates relating to the goods shipped.
Each line of Traceability Despatch Advice must indicate the product with a unique code and can specify the Order line or other document to which it refers.
Credits This document was produced by Piero De Sabbata, Arianna Brutti e Gessica Ciaccio for ENEA X-LAB with the contribution of the partners of the TRICK project.
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