XML structures of eBIZ/TC Upstream documents (Draft)

release 28/giu/2024

Document Document Availability Advise
Document Document Availability Advise
Description Document Availability Advise, contains a list of references to documents that are currently available.
Release date 28/05/2022
This guide aims to illustrate to fashion companies the standard XML format of the document type "NEW DOCUMENT ADVISE", providing instructions for its use in the context of a TRACEABILITY SYSTEM involving Fashion Manufacturers, their customers, third parties and in case customs authorities, eBusiness and eCommerce platforms.
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in the paragraph "Implementation Guide".
Generalities This document is intended to inform a party, be it a company or a service platform, that one or more (new) documents are available and to provide some metadata, including information on where they can be found. For each reported document, among the metadata, there is a flag that indicates whether the availability of the document requires taking some specific action, indications on any document to which it refers and finally an indication of traceable objects to which it refers. The document could be included in the message as a binary object, choice not recommended for practical reasons, or it could be indicated with a file name or with an external reference though a URI.
Credits This document was produced by Piero De Sabbata, Arianna Brutti e Gessica Ciaccio for ENEA X-LAB with the contribution of Sara Cortesi and Valentina Fantin di ENEA SSPT and the partners of the TRICK project.
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Document Code TRC005
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Specific for TRICK Document: Document Availability Advise

An alert is sent to the producer to advise him about a new document on TRICK related to raw material availability at the supplier facility.
In this way he can connect to the platform and get the contents of this file.

Resources specific for TRICK [Guide - Specific for TRICK]
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