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release 28/giu/2024

Document PCO Export Shipping Manifesto
Document PCO Export Shipping Manifesto
Description This document constitutes the Manifesto of the Exporty Shipping to be presented to the customs authority in support of the export customs declaration. The document is related to the content of the Export Shipping Dossier.
Release date 20/07/2023
This guide aims to illustrate to fashion companies the standard XML format of the document type "Shipping dossier manifesto, providing instructions for its use in the context of a TRACEABILITY SYSTEM involving Fashion Manufacturers, their customers, third parties and in case customs authorities, eBusiness and eCommerce platforms.
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in the paragraph "Implementation Guide".
This document has the purpose of summarizing the list of documents associated with a particular customs declaration and relative invoice; the documents are referenced so that they can be traced uniquely; the manifest and the dossier are also associated with the codes of the platform that collects the dossier materials.
div> This document has a double function:

- can be used to RETIEVE or SEND the complete dossier from the platform


- it can be used to NOTIFY to a partner (for exae customer of a job) or to the traceability system an update of the dossier with new documents

Credits This document was produced by Piero De Sabbata, Arianna Brutti e Gessica Ciaccio for ENEA X-LAB with the contribution of the partners of the TRICK project.
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