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release 3/giu/2024

Document MCI circularity preliminary information
Document MCI circularity preliminary information
Description MCI Material Circularity assessment preliminary information, contains preliminary information to start the MCI Material Circularity Index assessment service.
Release date 14/06/2023
This guide aims to illustrate the standard XML format of the document type "Informazioni preliminari MCI", providing instructions for its use in the context of a TRANSPARENCY SYSTEM involving Fashion Manufacturers, their customers, third parties and in case customs authorities, eBusiness and eCommerce platforms.
All the rules necessary for the construction and validation of the document are expressed through a specific XML schema, which is presented in detail in the paragraph "Implementation Guide".
This document has the purpose of requesting the customs authority to assign a unique identifier for an ESD, Export Shipping Dossier, of which the identification (ESDId), the hash footprint in order to avoid subsequent alterations, and a link that allows the customs authority to recover the contents of the dossier (with the appropriate security considerations) are sent. Any references in the blockchain, one or more, can be provided optionally.
div>After this submission, the dossier can no longer be modified, under penalty of discrepancy in the footprint (hash).
The identifier thus obtained can be used in documentation exchanges with the customs authority without further file transfer.
Credits This document was produced by Piero De Sabbata, Arianna Brutti e Gessica Ciaccio for ENEA X-LAB with the contribution of Gabriela Maestri and Dieter Stelmach di DITF and the partners of the TRICK project.
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Document Code TRC017
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