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release 28/giu/2024

Document General Purpose Request
Document General Purpose Request
Description Request for a specific electronic document as indicated in the instance
Release date 05/11/2018
Scope This document is used to solicit the sending of a document when this is produced only on request (e.g.: the Order Status)
The message is issued to request a particular (paper or electronic) business document.
With this document it is possible to indicate the type of the requested document , and one or more blocks of filtering criteria (the Party, identified by legal name or id, to which it refers, and/or one or more items to be referred to, eg season, article or fabric or component code, )

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Best practice The document could be used to request the order progress status for a season and a group of articles whose code is indicated; in another case it could be sent to a warehouse manager to request the inventory related to one or more particular brands whose legal name is indicated; another example is the use for requesting the PartyIn document concerning information on one or more parties, indicating their legal names or unique codes.
Back compatibility Unchanged
Document Code G039
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