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Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 11/ott/2022

Tabella 1 - NT24
Tabella NT24
Description Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order type
Generalities type of "Textile Dyeing-Finishing commission order"or its Change.
Code List Agency Name eBIZ
Code List VersionID Draft
Code List URI http://www.ebiz.enea.it/moda-ml/repository/codelist/Draft/gc_NT24.xml
Table values
Table values Adoption note
DYE dyeing
DYERC dyeing reworking paid by customer
DYERS dyeing reworking paid by supplier
FIN finishing
FINRC finishing reworking paid by customer
FINRS finishing reworking paid by supplier
Elements using the table
TFCOtype Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order type [XML dictionary]: TFCOtype
TFCXtype Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order type [XML dictionary]: TFCXtype

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