Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 20/mag/2024

Tabella 1 - NT327
Tabella NT327
Description Category of sustainability indicators
Generalities Impact indicators of different types (PEF, SA8000, ...)
Code List Agency Name eBIZ
Code List VersionID Draft
Code List URI
Table values
Table values Adoption note
PEF-ACD Acidification mol H+ eq
PEF-CC Climate change kg CO2 equivalent
PEF-ECW Ecotoxicity for fresh water CTUe
PEF-EUM Eutrophication marine kg N equivalent
PEF-EUT Eutrophication terrestrial mol N eq
PEF-EUW Eutrophication fresh water kg P equivalent
PEF-HTC Human Toxicity - cancer effects CTUh (Comparative Toxic Unit for humans)
PEF-HTN Human Toxicity non-cancer effects CTUh (Comparative Toxic Unit for humans)
PEF-IOR Ionising Radiation kg U235 equivalent (to air)
PEF-LND Land use Kg (deficit)
PEF-OD Ozone Depletion kg CFC-11 equivalent
PEF-PM Particulate Matter kg PM2.5 equivalent
PEF-POZ Photochemical Ozone Formation kg NMVOC equivalent
PEF-RUF Resource use, fossils kg antimony (Sb) equivalent
PEF-RUM Resource use, minerals and metals kg antimony (Sb) equivalent
PEF-WAS Water use m3 water
TR-MCI Manufacturing Circularity indicator By DITF, to be revised
TR-SA8 TRICK SA8000 indicator By SINTEF, to be revised
Elements using the table
sustainabilityIndicatorName name of the sustainability indicator [XML dictionary]: sustainabilityIndicatorName