Decoding tables values in eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

release 17/giu/2024

Tabella 1 - T41
Tabella T41
Description type of Allowance or Charge
Generalities coded specification of an Allowance or Charge (elaborated from UNECE 4465)
Code List Agency Name eBIZ
Code List VersionID Draft
Code List URI
Table values
Table values Adoption note
1 Agreed settlement
10 Costs for draft
11 Bank charges DEPRECATED, use CBK
12 Agent commission
14 Wrong delivery
15 Goods returned to agent
16 Goods partly returned
17 Transport damage
19 Trade discount
2 Below specification goods
20 Deduction for late delivery DEPRECATED, use CWB
21 Advertising costs
22 Customs duties
23 Telephone and postal costs
24 Repair costs
25 Attorney fees
26 Taxes
3 Damaged goods
30 Direct payment to seller
32 Goods not delivered
33 Late delivery
35 Goods returned
36 Invoice not received
37 Credit note to debtor/not to us
38 Deducted bonus
39 Deducted discount
4 Short delivery
40 Deducted freight costs
41 Deduction against other invoices
42 Credit balance(s)
45 Debit note to seller
46 Discount beyond terms
48 Allowance/charge error
49 Substitute product
50 Terms of sale error
52 Wrong invoice
53 Duplicate invoice
54 Weight error
55 Additional charge not authorized
56 Incorrect discount
57 Price change
58 Variation
59 Chargeback
65 Settlement to agent
66 Cash discount
7 Payment on account
70 Wrong monetary amount resulting from incorrect free goods quantity
72 Temporary special promotion
73 Difference in tax rate
74 Quantity discount
75 Promotion discount
76 Cancellation deadline passed
77 Pricing discount
78 Volume discount
79 Sundry discount
8 Returnable container charge included
9 Invoice error
AWA bonus for works ahead of schedule
CBK bank charges
CCR servizio di corriere
CIN insurance
CLB labelling
CPK packing
CSP special packing
CWB penalty for works behind schedule
Elements using the table
AC_category coded specification of an Allowance or Charge [XML dictionary]: AC_category