Resources and documentation of eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)

Introduction to the eBIZ/TC Upstream online Resources

These are the reference documents of eBIZ/TC Upstream Draft version.
Future versions might propose new documents or contain small (documented) updates, but this version will be supported 'as is' today.

Resources and documentation of eBIZ/TC Upstream (Draft)
User guides (Italian and English language)

User Guides with comparison against the previous version of the same document (Italian ed English)

Address of the XML Schema (use this address without 'default.asp')

Address of the JSON Schema (use this address without 'default.asp')

Decoding tables (allowed values)

Decoding tables (allowed values)

XML sample files with XSL style sheet

XML sample files (without XSL style sheet) are in

XSL Stylesheets

XMI and UML representation of the processes

ebBP models

(based on processes from the only 2008-1 version and based on 2013-1 version schema)

Guides Specific for TRICK