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Document Accessory Despatch Request
Document Accessory Despatch Request
Description Request for despatch of garment accessories (allows to specificy destination and delivery date)
Release date 05/11/2018
The present guide has been issued to assist the companies of the Textile-Clothing sector in the implementation of the standard XML document type “GARMENT ACCESSORY DESPATCH REQUEST”, providing all the instruction required for its use in any context of e-commerce between Apparel or Fabric Producers and Garment accessory Producers (Supplier) or Apparel subcontractors.
All the rules required for the construction and validation of the document are embedded into the specific XML-Schema, which is detailed in section "Implementation guide".
The message is issued to plan the delivery of the garment accessories that are in the "ready for despatch" status (see the document "Order Status").
This document enables the Buyer to modify some date of its Order (delivery dates and places)

This document can be used:
- as a standard despatch request
- as a despatch request that, at the same time, cancels a previous request referenced there in

Each document item must correspond with a well defined garment accessory article (article + pattern + color) and for each item is possible to reference the Order line that is delivered.
Credits This XML document has been realized by Guido Cucchiara supported by Angelo Frascella and Arianna Brutti, XML-Lab (initiative of ENEA and Forum per la Tecnologia dell'Informazione) in collaboration with Massimo Perona (Domina). Subsequent developments have been realized with the collaboration of Roberto Ciliesa (Domina) and financed by the eBIZ 4.0 project.
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