Join the eBIZ community

There are three ways to get involved in the activities of eBIZ:

1) Organisations (private or public) can join the running eBIZ CEN Workshop to participate in dissemination activities, investigate needs of possible follow-up actions, and boost the uptake of the eBIZ results, namely harmonised eBusiness.
(Recommended for those interested in promoting eBIZ and influence its developments)

2) Organisations and/or Professionals can register in the Moda-ML website to receive newsletters and further information on eBIZ and Moda-ML.
(Recommended for those interested in detailed information and on-going initiatives and technical issues)

3) Professionals can join the eBIZ group on to follow in almost real-time, news and discussions among peers on harmonised e-Business and other eBIZ results.
(Recommended for those interested in general information or contacts and to participate the eBIZ experts community)