MSH2 Envelope

MSH2 support the ebXML Message Service standard (ebMS) 3.0 version.

When a Party sends a document to another Party, his MSH2 client uses the ebMS standard (extension of on SOAP with attachment standard) to envelope the document.
The SOAP envelope contains two main sections: SOAP Header and SOAP Body.
MSH2 Sender puts in the SOAP Body the document to send.
MSH2 Sender puts in the SOAP Header some information related to document.

See the UserMessage template that MSH2 uses to create ebXML messages.
MSH2 puts in the SOAP Header following information (related to document):
- Timestamp;
- MessageID;
- Sender and Receiver PartyId;
- ConversationID;
- XML Schema of document;
and MSH2 puts in the SOAP Body the Payload that is the XML document.

example of ebXML message See an example of ebXML message:
- sent through SMTP protocol,
- with SOAP envelope of ebMS standard,
- that contains an encrypted and digitally signed document,
- agreed through ebXML CPA standard.

See a SOAP Envelope Reviewto the ebMS convergency in the eBIZ project.

 ebMS Envelope
ebMS Envelope