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This the page aiming to introduce eBIZ, the European initiative for eBusiness harmonisation in the textile, clothing and footwear sectors to the industry and it providers.

Which is the main idea in eBIZ?

eBIZ proposes a language and organisational procedures to integrate firms of this sectors, from raw material to the shelf of a point of sale. ..and when these happens at European scale benefits for all the actors are evident.

In practice eBIZ proposes a Reference Architecture: thus it is not a software application, but a public document followed by software resources, that supplies a reference framework and technical specifications (online and continuously updated) that firms and their IT services suppliers can easily implement.

Does eBIZ affect you?

Surely, if you are active in textile, clothing or footwear sectors and in your work encounter issues like

  • Poor integration with suppliers and subcontractors
  • Lack of necessary information for production and activity planning
  • Need for speed-up and optimisation of logistic
  • Full exploitation of the potential benefits of RFID technology when it involves more than one organisation
  • Poor awareness of data regarding sell-out or inventory or ready to delivery goods at your partners locations
  • Management of information about technical features of the product.

Furthermore, surely, if you need to set-up new and more advanced collaborative applications between your organisation and your partners.

Do more with less: eBIZ offers the opportunity to change the way companies manage the processes and collaborate with their customers and suppliers. A way to really seize the benefits of the digital era.

Why eBIZ

Generally speaking, only supply chains where all the actors are integrated can express their best potential. On the other hand the specific fragmentation of the textile, clothing and footwear industry (TCF) often make such integration an hard objective.
Updating information systems and make them more efficient and flexible to support changes: this is the key to invest in a framework of continuous change.

eBIZ was born exactly on the purpose to facilitate the development of interoperable software solutions.

This is the reason why the European Commission, Euratex (European association of textile and apparel industry) and ENEA (Italian National Agency for New technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development), in collaboration with CEC (European association of footwear industry), decided to create and promote eBIZ, with the further involvement of CEN (European Standardisation Committee).

eBIZ is, thus, a public, free, European resources, continuously updated under the coordination of EURATEX, available for the industry and their service and solution suppliers.

If interested, what can you do??

You can deepen your knowledge by the official web site (www.ebiz-tcf.eu), in particular by examining its main result: the Reference Architecture:

The Reference Architecture is composed by
  • a REPORT, main document (download) with chapters on Business models, Business processes, Communication, and other aspects like RFID, eInvoices, etc
  • an Appendix with more implementative details (same document download)
  • a set of online resources (Guides, XML Schemas, samples, etc.), (click here)

Since July 2013 the Reference Architecture is a CEN document: CWA 16667

Further information also in www.moda-ml.org (English and Italian).

You can discuss about specifications, ask clarifications or suggestions about its usage;

You can send proposals for modification or extension: version 2.0 was released on June 2013 but a permanent group is committed to update eBIZ and collects new proposals and requirements for next versions.

Presently the project eBIZ 4.0 is running, it is a concrete opportunity to collect and implement further suggestions on eBIZ and th textile clothing supply chain.

Requests for clarification or proposals can be sent to piero.desabbata@enea.it

You can participate public meetings or ask for help in evaluating if and how you could use it; click here for more details.

The community

An eBIZ group is active on LINKEDIN and offers the possibility to participate actively as a part of the community of eBIZ adopters and experts.

Finally, by registering on www.Moda-ML.org (click here to register) you are inserted in the mailing list for all the eBIZ news.

eBIZ for your company

ENEA CROSS-TEC laboratory (www.cross-tec.enea.it or http://www.xml-lab.it) aims to support firms adopting new technologies.
The laboratory can help you in identifying benefits eBIZ can give to your business.
For more information and written documentation contact the laboratory responsible:

Ing. Piero De Sabbata
Tel. +39 051 6098 322

A presentation of eBIZ benefits for the fashion supply chains explained by entrepreneurs and technician of the firms already adopting it: IN.CO, Cariaggi, Piacenza, Loro Piana, Albini and others.

MODA-ML presents eBIZ 4.0

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eBIZ 4.0 Reference Architecture... (SLIDE)

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eBIZ technical documentation

Technical documentation web site

The Reference Architecture 2.0
(CEN CWA 16667, July 2013, pdf format, 8MB)

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