The new version of eBIZ 4.0 becomes 2018-1

Consultation on the DRAFT VERSION concluded on December 18th

A new version of eBIZ is published by the eBIZ 4.0 project:

it is the contribution of eBIZ-4.0 to improve eBIZ specifications: a considerable set of requirements that has been collected and included in the current version.

The new version

The version has collected all the input and update requests received since 2013 (release date of the latest official eBIZ version) to date, in particular - but not exclusively - from the pilots of the eBIZ 4.0 project, and is an update that, although backward compatible with the 2013 version, is a relevant EXTENSION:

  • 3 new documents and 2 business processes
  • all documents have been updated
  • over 130 new terms
  • 300 terms of the dictionary have been updated, in a backward-compatible way.

Clearly all the documents compatible with the 2013 version will continue to be valid and compliant even with respect to the new schemes.
Some of the issues tackled in the version:

  • Fashion subcontracting: master data, commission order and despatch advice in a multi-tier supply chain
  • Improved management of (multiple) serial codes for the products and multilingualism and multimedia contents for feeding eServices platforms
  • Inclusion of documentation such as certificates as embedded or external elements
  • Accessories supplying with the introduction con a color-size matrix to descrive the different varieties of articles
  • Improved logistic information though packing list information and detailed description of 'types of packages' and actual packages lists

The new documentation

All interested parties can find the technical documentation already online on the technical documentation site

For technical details:

  • More details together in the deliverable D4.2 (document OF513-009).
  • A complete change guide for each eBIZ document is available in COMPARE VERSION GUIDEs LIST or by accessing the presentation sheets each document to the 'Compare version' indication.

For a more strategic insight:

  • Where is and where is eBIZ going? see the technical slides of the conference in Frankfurt slide
  • Which ideas on eBIZ and the digitalisation of European fashion? see article on the Frankfurt conference: go to page

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