Implementation model for eBIZ Adoption

The implementation model showed in this section is one of the results of eBIZ-4.0 project , thought to support companies in the implementation of solutions based on eBIZ and RFID, moving themselves toward one or more reference business scenarios.
The implementation model aims to provide a path, composed of steps and related supporting tools, that could guide and facilitate companies in the adoption of eBIZ and RFID.

The path for implementing a solution based on eBIZ and RFID is composed of five main phases:

The following figure depicts an approximate timeline for it. It is only a reference: the time needed for each Phase depends on the Business Scenarios and on the Implementation Scenarios features.

 Reference timeline for the implementation model
Reference timeline for the implementation model

Who should read this section

  • Company managers: the model helps them to understand the tasks and the criticalities to face, for example highlighting when the non IT factors have to be evaluated;
  • project managers: the model supports them during the phase of assignment specific tasks to different specialists inside their teams;
  • analysts and solution designers: the model provides a data analysis and modelling methodology and tools that can be adopted to accomplish several phases of their activity;
  • developers: the model provides a testing methodology and tools that can be used to check if their solution correctly implements the specification and if they are interoperable with other implementations.
 This action is part of the eBIZ-4.0 project, which has received funding from the European Unionís COSME Programme (2014 - 2020).