Implementation model: Phase 1

Reference Business Scenarios selection

OBJECTIVE: To identify one or more Business Scenarios that could improve some company's KPIs
  • The subset of Business Scenarios matching the Company's priorities
  • The list of KPIs able to evaluate the improvement expected from the adoption
  • eBIZ Business Scenarios
 Phase 1
Phase 1



Company's priorities identification
The first action that the Company should do is identifying:
  • the aspects connected to the supply chain business data management it aims to improve (for example: outsourcing, logistics, invoicing, stock management, etc.);
  • the main objectives that it aims to achieve (for example: real-time data updated with Subcontractors, reduction of time needed to receive the goods in the warehouses, to automate the order-invoice reconciliation, etc.).

eBIZ Business Scenarios selection
The eBIZ Reference Architecture defines a set of Business Models features that can be used to depict the supported Business Scenarios. The goal of this Step is to identify which of these Scenarios match with the priorities identified in the previous Step.

The final Step of this Phase concerns the identification of a set of KPIs able to evaluate the improvement expected from the adoption of eBIZ. The KPIs should be identified translating the Company's objectives in measurable indicators (for example: the saved time in receiving the goods in the warehouses).

Expected Outputs:

  • a subset of eBIZ Business Scenarios;
  • a list of KPIs.