Version 2008

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Definition of Terms

This Version

The conformance to the eBIZ-TCF architecture

Product Numbering/Identification and GS1 data models compliancy

Textile/Clothing and Footwear Downstream (v. 2008-1)

Textile Clothing Upstream (v. 2008-1)

Footwear Upstream (v. 2008-1)

Product Identification and Classification

Middleware and communication layers

On line eBIZ-TCF validation tool

Dossier (all the available documentation on eBIZ)

FAQ on eBIZ and its architecture

The experience of the Pilots, benefit analysis

The case histories of the Pilots

The eBIZ community


DOC - Downstream Use Profile Guides (all) OF510-005
Use Profiles of the UBL documents for the Textile/Clothing an Footwear industry (May 2009). (x-zip-compressed, 581638 bytes, v5, 20/1/2010)
DOC - Reference Architecture Report (with Annexes) OF510-010
Architecture Report for eBusiness harmonisation in Textile/Clothing and Footwear sectors D3.5 - Final Report (December 2009).
Zipped PDF versions (pdf, 2184621 bytes, v2, 27/1/2010)
WEB - Official validator for eBIZ-TCF documents
Official on-line Validator for eBIZ-TCF documents: upstream Textile-Clothing (Moda-ML), upstream Footwear (Shoenet) and downstream (UBL eBIZ-TCF Use Profile).
Allows to check conformance of a document towards eBIZ-TCF specifications.

Contents developed for the eBIZ-TCF project