Case Study - Harmonising e-Business in Fashion Sector in Finland

the companies involved and their business relationships

The network is built around Texmoda Fashion Group, the largest textile and clothing service and buying group in Finland, composed of 48 associated independent retail companies with about 100 stores.

Some of retailers themselves are other partners connecting with M.A.S.I. Oy, an Estonian garments manufacturer, supplier of private label garments for Texmoda.

Logica Oy is an IT service provider who undertook the design, development and implementation of the software and the adaptation of the companiesĺ internal ERP/RMS systems.

Muotikaupan Liitto ry., the Association of Finnish Fashion Retailers, acted as facilitator enabling the implementation of the pilot

the e-business network set up and the documents being exchanged

The ordering/delivery process within the network is of a Replenishment on Customer Demand type. In this framework the following documents are exchanged: Catalogue, Order, Order response, Sales report, Invoice and Inventory report,  Harmonising e-Business in Fashion Sector in Finland
Harmonising e-Business in Fashion Sector in Finland

Resulting benefits

Statement by Mr. TUomo Rantalankila CEO Texmoda group:
'Before eBIZ all the orders document had to be typed twice on paper from email or fax messages, now all the process is quicker and with less errors'

'EBIZ will help us to get information more quickly and more reliable, and allow us to provide a better service to our associates and to end consumers'

Planned future activities

Logica Oy implemented eBIZ-TCF compliance in their standard EDI product offered to customers in the clothing industry and fashion retail. Thus further adoption of eBIZ-TCF compliant solutions is expected amongst the Logica Oy customer base in the near future.

Lessons Learnt

Statement by Mr. Asko H÷rkk÷ eBIZ project manager, Logica OY:
'One key attractive factor of the eBIZ-TCF project is the substantial cut in EDI software development costs. Cost is a crucial factor in convincing companies to adopt EDI'

'For a large international IT services provider as Logica, the European-wide dimension of the project is a strong advantage that justfies a committed involvement.'

'The opportunity to interact with the architecture development and to influence the final outcome was crucial and allowed us to deliver to our customers what they were looking for'


Yvr÷ Gorski, Director
Muotikaupan Liitto ry. (Association of Finnish Fashion Retailers)
Mannerheimintie 76 B, 00250 Helsinki
Tel: +358 (0)9 6844 7300

For ICT information
Asko H÷rkk÷
Logica Suomi Oy
Karvaamokuja 2, P.O. Box 38, 00381 Helsinki
+358 (0)10 302 010


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