Key Lessons Learnt from the Pilot Projects

  • IT providers are the key drivers of e-Business implementations, particularly in small companies. This is a view expressed by Mr. Carlos Cardeiro CEO, Oficina de Soluš§es from his experience in the Portuguese Footwear eBiz case study.

  • The substantial reduction in software development costs is a key attractive factor in making the eBIZ-TCF attractive. Costs are a crucial factor in convincing companies to adopt e-Business. This is a view expressed by Mr. Asko H÷rkk÷ eBIZ project manager, Logica OY from his experience in the Harmonising e-Business in the Finnish Fashionsector case study

  • The European-wide dimension of the project justifies the committed involvement of a large international IT services provider such as Logica. This is another view of Mr. Asko H÷rkk÷.

  • The open nature of the project provides the opportunity for the IT providers involved to interact with the architecture development and to influence the final outcome. This was crucial, allowing them to deliver the necessary solutions to the pilot partners. See This is also the view of Mr. Asko H÷rkk÷.

  • Fast implementation is required for e-Business projects, particularly in the downstream (retailing) as the decision process of retail companies and chains may be affected by short term economic conditions. This view was expressed by the facilitators and IT providers involved in several downstream pilots.

  • Different attitudes exist towards e-Business implementations in the upstream and downstream pilots. When the network is between producers, both technical and managerial staff, at every level in the companies, feel deeply involved and active throughout the project implementation. While in retail organisations, technical IT personnel are the dominant actors in the implementation; top managers just want the final result and to see it help the company making money. They think only in terms of sales and margins increase, and are not concerned about technical implementation. This is a view expressed by Antonio Caregnato, CEO Scribanet Studio.

  • Dynamic advantages are as of as much, or more, importance than quantifiable cost benefits for companies: such as better services to customers or consumers and the opportunity to reach and interact easily with customers/suppliers located in new or distant markets. This view was expressed by the several producers involved in both upstream and downstream pilots.

  • Dissemination of the actual results and benefits of eBIZ-TCF would greatly assist those users who are committed to it in expanding their network. This is a view expressed by Mr. Fabio Foschi, CEO of Fratelli Piacenza from his experience in the Italian Textile eBiz case study


Published for eBIZ-TCF project.