The way of Moda-ML


The project MODA-ML was funded by the European Commission (IST Take-Up Action Line IV.2.5 "Computing, communications and networks take-up measures") of the V Framework Programm (belongs to the cluster of projects Eutist-AMI), began in July 2001 and ended in March 2003 (see in Moda-ML project web page); then its activities run with the support of the partners as Moda-ML initiative.

Since 2003 the MODA-ML activities has been closely related with Euratex activities in the field of creation of a common standard for data exchange in the European T/C industry.

More specifically MODA-ML experts contributed to the first CEN/ISSS initiative promoted by Euratex, TexSpin , that released a first set of standard specifications. A second round of this activity, CEN/ISSS TexWeave, ended in 15 September 2006 and produced an updated set of specifications (published by CEN in September 2006: CEN/ISSS CWA 1555:2006); the specifications for  manufacturing were completely received in the MODA-ML 2006-1 release

In the following eBIZ-TCF project (2008-2010) three areas of interest have been identified: manufacturing enterprise networks of textile clothing, the corresponding networks of footwear manufacturers and, finally, the relationships between retail organisations and manufacturing industry of both the sectors. The eBusiness Reference Architecture for harmonised e-Business was the main outcome from the project and includes the Moda-ML contents to support the first out of the three areas (TC industry), the (SHOENET) specifications support the second one (Footwear industry), the standard OASIS UBL (Universal Business Language) for  data exchanges with retailers will be supported by a Use Profile specifically created for the sector.

The eBIZ-TCF activity has led to the release of the most recent Moda-ML-2008-1, version, back-compatible and with more than 60 types of documents, and to the deployment of 17 pilots testing the whole eBIZ architecture with 150 involved organisation in cross-country networks.

In 2012 at CEN the standardisation initiative WS eBIZ was launched, based on eBIZ-TCF contents and aiming at updating the eBIZ Reference Architecture and at foster its adoption in European industry. The result for the TCUp specifiations set was the eBIZ 2013-1 version.

in 2016 eBIZ 4.0 project addresses further developments with a focus on business models, RFID and supply chains with large brands (