Implementation model: Phase 5

Interoperability assessment

OBJECTIVE: To assess the solution capability to interoperate in real environments.
  • The updated solution implementation Specification
  • A set of Test Reports collecting the results of the test activities performed in real environment.
  • a set of Test Plans: a set of Test plans stating the minimal set of actions to do in order to assess the solution capability to interoperate in real environments.
  • Test Report Template TP513-005 : a template useful for reporting and collecting the test activities performed to check the eBIZ based solution.
 Phase 5
Phase 5



Solution release
This step concerns the integration of the new solution with the company's information systems.
Describing this step is out of the scope of this document.

Expected Outputs:
  • the software solution ready to be tested in real environment.

Real environment test
The objective of this step is to check the capacity of the new solution to operate in real environment. At this aim eBIZ provides a set of test activities that adopters can perform.
The expected actions for this step are:
  1. execution of the test activities provided by eBIZ for each document types coming from Phase 2;
  2. resolution of the detected errors (solution adjustment), if any.

Expected Outputs:
  • real environment Test Reports;
  • the software solution ready to execute real business transactions.