Document USAGE in TRICK (Trick context specific)

Lot and Report identification for usage in TRICK

For activating PCO service it is needed the TRN (Trick Traceability Number); it is the unique identifier within the TRICK platform associated to a physical traced item (lot/item..). In the Traceability Report it is reported as a value of the element <objectID> with attribute schemeID="TRICK" (xpath is /TRCTRAReport/TRCTraReportBody/TRCTraRepItem/tracedObjects/objectInstanceList/objectInstanceIdentification/objectID)

Each instance of Traceability Report must be identified by one TRRN (Trick Traceability Report Number): it is the UNIQUE identifier, associated to an instance of Traceability report (different instances come at different creation of the report that may contain advancements in the history of the traced objects).

The <accomplishedProductionIndicator> allows to esplicitate the accomplishment of the production process of the traced objects: when it is true the report refers to the whole history of the final product (the history might be totally or partially reported according to the flags about disclosure and completeness).