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Atlas of eBIZ/TC Upstream documents (2018-1)

n.a. Party raw product yarn fabric accessory product-service garment any fashion product
1 - Commission Order
Raw Material Dyeing Commission Order
Spinning Commission Order
Yarn Dyeing Commission Order
Yarn Twisting Commission Order
Piece Control Order
Textile Darn Order
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order
Textile Printing Commission Order
Warping commission order
Weaving Commission Order
Made to Measure Garment Production Order
Fashion Commission Order
2 - Commission Order Change
Raw material Dyeing Order Change
Spinning Order Change
Yarn dyeing Order Change
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order Change
Textile Printing Order Change
3 - Commission Order Response
Raw material Dyeing Order Response
Spinning Order Response
Yarn dyeing Order Response
4 - Despatch Advice
Raw Material Despatch Advice
Yarn Despatch Advice
Garment Kit Despatch Advice
Textile Despatch Advice
Accessory Despatch Advice
Fashion Despatch Advice
5 - Despatch Request
Yarn Despatch Request
Garment Kit Despatch Request
Textile Despatch Request
Accessory Despatch Request
Fashion Despatch Request
6 - Forecast
Textile Collection Forecast
7 - Information Request
General Purpose Request
8 - Inventory
Raw Material in Work Inventory Report
Yarn in Work Inventory Report
Textile in Work Inventory Report
Garment in Work Inventory Report
9 - Invoice
Textile Invoice
10 - Master data
Fashion Master Data
11 - Offer
Raw Material Dyeing Offer
Spinning Offer
Twisting Offer
Yarn Dyeing Offer
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Offer
Warping Offer
Weaving Offer
12 - Offer Request
Raw material Dyeing Request
Spinning Request
Twisting Request
Yarn Dyeing Request
Yarn Offer Request
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Request
Warping Request
Weaving Request
13 - Order Status Report
Raw Material Order Status
Yarn Order Status Report
Textile Darning Return
Textile Order Status Report
Garment Order Status
14 - Party information
Party Information
15 - Price List - Catalogue
Yarn Offer (Offer-Catalog-Tech.Sheet)
Textile Catalogue
Fashion Catalogue
16 - Purchase Order
Yarn Purchase Order
Textile Purchase Order
Accessory Purchase Order
17 - Purchase Order Change
Yarn Purchase Order Change
Textile Order Change
Accessory Purchase Order Change
18 - Purchase Order Response
Yarn Purchase Order Response
Textile Order Response
Accessory Purchase Order Response
Taylormade Garment Production Order Response
19 - Quality Report
Yarn Quality Report
Textile Quality Report
20 - Receiving Advice
Fashion Receiving Advice
21 - Stock Offer
Garment Stock Offer
22 - Stock Offer Change
Garment Stock Offer Change
23 - Stock Offer Status
Garment Stock Offer Status
24 - Technical Sheet
Fabric Technical Sheet