Atlas of eBIZ/TC Upstream documents (draft)

n.a. Party raw product yarn fabric accessory product-service garment any fashion product
1 - Commission Order
Raw Material Dyeing Commission Order
G046  FR   GU 
Spinning Commission Order
G045  FR   GU 
Yarn Dyeing Commission Order
G021  FR   GU 
Yarn Twisting Commission Order
G020  FR   GU 
Piece Control Order
G062  FR   GU 
Textile Darn Order
G012  FR   GU 
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order
G017  FR   GU 
Textile Printing Commission Order
G024  FR   GU 
Warping commission order
G022  FR   GU 
Weaving Commission Order
G023  FR   GU 
Fashion Commission Order
G040  FR   GU 
2 - Commission Order Change
Raw material Dyeing Order Change
G067  FR   GU 
Spinning Order Change
G055  FR   GU 
Yarn dyeing Order Change
G069  FR   GU 
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Order Change
G076  FR   GU 
Textile Printing Order Change
G077  FR   GU 
3 - Commission Order Response
Raw material Dyeing Order Response
G066  FR   GU 
Spinning Order Response
G070  FR   GU 
Yarn dyeing Order Response
G068  FR   GU 
4 - Despatch Advice
Raw Material Despatch Advice
G042  FR   GU 
Yarn Despatch Advice
G016  FR   GU 
Garment Kit Despatch Advice
G018  FR   GU 
Textile Despatch Advice
G006  FR   GU 
Accessory Despatch Advice
G037  FR   GU 
Fashion Despatch Advice
G028  FR   GU 
Traceability Despatching Advice
TRC003  FR   GU 
5 - Despatch Request
Yarn Despatch Request
G033  FR   GU 
Garment Kit Despatch Request
G019  FR   GU 
Textile Despatch Request
G005  FR   GU 
Accessory Despatch Request
G038  FR   GU 
Fashion Despatch Request
G043  FR   GU 
6 - Forecast
Textile Collection Forecast
G010  FR   GU 
7 - Information availability advice
Document Availability Advise
TRC005  FR   GU 
8 - Information Request
General Purpose Request
G039  FR   GU 
9 - Inventory
Raw Material in Work Inventory Report
G065  FR   GU 
Yarn in Work Inventory Report
G026  FR   GU 
Textile in Work Inventory Report
G027  FR   GU 
Garment in Work Inventory Report
G044  FR   GU 
10 - Invoice
Textile Invoice
G011  FR   GU 
11 - Master data
Fashion Master Data
G078  FR   GU 
12 - Offer
Raw Material Dyeing Offer
G054  FR   GU 
Spinning Offer
G056  FR   GU 
Twisting Offer
G057  FR   GU 
Yarn Dyeing Offer
G058  FR   GU 
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Offer
G061  FR   GU 
Warping Offer
G059  FR   GU 
Weaving Offer
G060  FR   GU 
13 - Offer Request
Raw material Dyeing Request
G047  FR   GU 
Spinning Request
G048  FR   GU 
Twisting Request
G049  FR   GU 
Yarn Dyeing Request
G050  FR   GU 
Yarn Offer Request
G073  FR   GU 
Textile Dyeing-Finishing Request
G053  FR   GU 
Warping Request
G051  FR   GU 
Weaving Request
G052  FR   GU 
14 - Order Status Report
Raw Material Order Status
G064  FR   GU 
Yarn Order Status Report
G015  FR   GU 
Textile Darning Return
G013  FR   GU 
Textile Order Status Report
G003  FR   GU 
Garment Order Status
G041  FR   GU 
15 - Party information
Party Information
G079  FR   GU 
16 - Price List - Catalogue
Yarn Offer (Offer-Catalog-Tech.Sheet)
G074  FR   GU 
Textile Catalogue
G009  FR   GU 
Fashion Catalogue
G080  FR   GU 
17 - Purchase Order
Yarn Purchase Order
G014  FR   GU 
Textile Purchase Order
G001  FR   GU 
Accessory Purchase Order
G034  FR   GU 
18 - Purchase Order Change
Yarn Purchase Order Change
G032  FR   GU 
Textile Order Change
G004  FR   GU 
Accessory Purchase Order Change
G036  FR   GU 
19 - Purchase Order Response
Yarn Purchase Order Response
G031  FR   GU 
Textile Order Response
G002  FR   GU 
Accessory Purchase Order Response
G035  FR   GU 
Taylormade Garment Production Order Response
G072  FR   GU 
20 - Quality Report
Yarn Quality Report
G075  FR   GU 
Textile Quality Report
G007  FR   GU 
21 - Receiving Advice
Fashion Receiving Advice
G025  FR   GU 
Traceability Receiving Advice
TRC002  FR   GU 
22 - Stock Offer
Garment Stock Offer
G029  FR   GU 
23 - Stock Offer Change
Garment Stock Offer Change
G030  FR   GU 
24 - Stock Offer Status
Garment Stock Offer Status
G063  FR   GU 
25 - Technical Sheet
Fabric Technical Sheet
G008  FR   GU 
Transparency and Sustainability Report
TRC001  FR   GU 
26 - Traceability report
Traceability report
TRC004  FR   GU