Middleware tOols and Documents to enhAnce the textile/clothing supply chain through xML

Sample of the eBIZ TC Upstream messages of the draft version after v2013-1 version

Please refer to samples from draft (no xsl)

Suggested approach for LOCAL visualisation:

1) in XML file, after <xml> statement write:
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href="./xsl/TEXCatalog.xsl"?>

2) in folder xsl (contained in the same folder of the instances) store
- CommonTemplatesEN.xsl
- tablesEN.xsl
- simbols folder if you are using documents with technical properties of fibers or fabrics
- specific documents .xsl file (for example TEXCatalog.xsl)

3) in folder css (contained in the same folder of the instances) store
- xsl-dedicated.css

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